Alexandria Auto Accident Lawyer

Life is chock full of surprises. We go about our lives, in and out of routines, and then something happens that completely shakes us up.

Sometimes, it’s a welcome stroke of good fortune that fills us with gratitude. Other times, it’s quite the opposite. Being involved in in car wreck is never something a person expects, and it can permanently affect the rest of your life.

Accidents Happen

Louisiana Car Accident LawyerCar accidents are more common than you might think, and it’s easy to get in your car and assume you’ll get to your destination without incident. However, the National Safety Council recently reported that there were more than 40,000 fatal traffic fatalities in the United States in 2016, which is a six percent increase over 2015 and a whopping 14% increase over 2014. If that statistic isn’t alarming enough, nearly 4.6 million people sustained injuries that were serious enough to require medical treatment, which is an increase of seven percent over 2015. The unfortunate truth is that accidents happen, and while no one can ever be fully prepared to deal with an accident in the moment, you can prepare yourself for what happens next.

What To Do After A Car Crash

The first thing to do after a car collision is to check in with yourself about potential injuries. Safety should always be the first priority. If the accident seems mild to moderate, chances are you’ll think you feel okay enough to get on with your day and avoid the “inconvenience” of medical treatment. A few aches, some minor pains, or even no pain at all are common initial feelings, and too often people assume they aren’t injured. Shock is a human defense mechanism that can numb many types of pain. Therefore, it’s always best to seek medical care right away. Delaying treatment is neither good for your health nor for your chances of getting the legal settlement you may deserve. The longer a person waits to seek medical treatment, the harder it is to prove the injuries were sustained at the time of the accident.

If it turns out you’re injured, you may be facing a series of financial hardships such as medical bills, lost wages from missed days/weeks of work and future lost income if you’re unable to continue your job.

Protecting yourself, your family, and your financial future is your right and your responsibility.

Your insurance company can only get you so far. Sure, they work on your behalf, but there’s also the negligent party’s insurance company to consider – and their agenda is to settle things quickly and cheaply. You also may be tempted to settle things swiftly, but the other party’s insurance representative is trained to get information out of you that can work against you. Do not deal with insurance companies on your own. Finding a good auto accident lawyer is your best chance for a fair outcome.

Proof of the other driver’s negligence is also a reason for consulting an auto wreck lawyer. Negligence is a broad term that covers a range of common accident causes. Reckless behavior in the form of distracted driving is increasingly common as more and more people use electronics to communicate and navigate while behind the wheel. A driver can also be distracted by eating a meal on the go, having a heated conversation with a passenger, or searching for something in the glove box. Maybe the driver was overtired, impaired by drugs or alcohol, or simply driving too aggressively for the weather conditions. A defectively designed or manufactured car part could even have caused the accident. Establishing who is legally responsible for a wreck is a complex process that can involve multiple parties. Seeking financial compensation is one way to not only get you the money you need to help yourself and your family, but it can also ultimately help prevent a similar accident from happening to someone else.

Getting Help Starts Here

Attorney Chris RoyIf you’ve been hurt or lost a loved one in a car crash, you need a highly qualified and experienced attorney on your side to protect your rights. The Louisiana car accident lawyer Chris J. Roy, Jr., founder of the Chris J. Roy, Jr. Law Firm, is ready to help those people whose lives have been affected by auto accidents. A trusted advocate offering nearly three decades of experience, Chris knows how to investigate the situation and craft a case to secure maximum compensation. He has handled numerous vehicle-related crash claims and takes pride in helping accident victims in Alexandria, Pineville, Rapides Parish, Grant Parish, and throughout Central Louisiana. While the firm is large enough to supply the necessary resources to handle any type of personal injury, it is also small enough to provide the individual attention that your case deserves. For help with your legal claim, contact the firm today for a free initial consultation by calling 1-318-487-9537 or filling out a case evaluation form.

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