Louisiana’s Civil Law System

- Chris Roy

The states that make up the United States of America may be joined under the umbrella of the federal government, but they also maintain their distinct identities in many ways. In recognition of those differences, every state has its own official flag, motto, bird, flower, and more. The 18th state to join the Union takes […]

Louisiana Expungement Attorney

Is Expungement Right For You?

- Chris Roy

Have you ever done something you regretted that led to a criminal charge or conviction?  In your youth, did you get a DWI or were you ever arrested for a drug charge or other crime for which you either pled guilty or had the charge dropped? Did you later wonder whether that arrest, charge or […]

Louisiana Expungement Attorney

What is Expungement and How Can It Help Your Job Search?

- Chris Roy

Having a colorful criminal history is generally not something that people are proud of, yet over one in four U.S. adults has a criminal record. Virtually impossible to hide, a record of unlawful behavior can have the effect of making it harder for individuals with checkered pasts to do things that others take for granted, […]

Louisiana Drunk Driving Lawyer

Can Bartenders Be Held Liable for Drunk Driving Crashes?

- Chris Roy

Louisiana is a special place, full of personality and uniqueness. We have the tallest state capitol building in the country and the longest bridge over water in the world. We are the only state in the union with parishes instead of counties and are the home of drive-thru daiquiri huts (of course, the debate over […]

Louisiana Distracted Driving Attorney

Distracted Driving 101: It isn't just texting and driving

- Chris Roy

Distracted driving is one of those alliterative phrases coined in hopes of bringing attention to a big problem. Generally defined as any non-driving activity that a motorist engages in while operating a vehicle, distracted driving increases the risk of a wreck. To maximize safety, drivers should be giving their full cognitive, manual, and visual attention […]

Bobtailing and Deadheading

Tractor-trailer Dangers: Bobtailing and Deadheading

- Chris Roy

The trucking industry has its own unique vocabulary. Terms like “float shifting,” “gooseneck lowboy,” “glad hands,” “deadheading,” and “bobtailing” are likely unfamiliar to most people. The last two have to do with the way a truck is operating, which can have a direct bearing on road safety. Deadheading means driving with an empty trailer, while […]


Harley Davidson Motorcycles: When the Brakes Are What’s Broken

- Chris Roy

When you’re headed out the door, you’re focused on your destination. You don’t think about whether your car or motorcycle is going to work; you just expect that it will. We’ve all had that moment of frustration when we’re greeted by an obvious problem – a flat tire, a dead battery, no gas. While such […]

Louisiana Medication Error Lawyer

Medication Errors During Surgery Are More Common Than You May Think

- Chris Roy

Having surgery can be a nerve-racking experience for even the calmest of patients; after all, during surgery you’re putting your care, your health and even your life in someone else’s hands, and having a doctor and surgical team you can trust is essential for calming the fears and anxieties that often go hand-in-hand with surgical […]

Truck Accidents

Aggressive Drivers in 18-Wheelers

- Chris Roy

Tight shipping deadlines, low pay, and high fuel prices are just some of the factors that are putting more pressure than ever before on truck drivers — and these conditions do not seem likely to change any time soon. Tractor-trailer drivers constantly deal with tremendous demands to get to their destinations on time. This can […]

Louisiana Rear End Accident Lawyer

5 Most Common Injuries from a Rear-End Auto Accident

- Chris Roy

Rear-end accidents often take victims by surprise, jarring them suddenly as they idle at a stop light or come to a dead stop in traffic. While many rear-end accidents allow the victims to walk away with no injuries at all, there are several common injuries that can be very serious. Here are the five most […]

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