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Third Generation Lawyer. Experience Matters.

Alexandria personal injury attorney Chris Roy Jr. has served his community for over 30 years – both in public office and through his law firm. Helping find legal solutions that maximize potential recoveries for clients, Chris is dedicated to trust, compassion, results.

Chris J. Roy, Jr. is a third generation lawyer who understands the impact that a serious injury or accident has on victims, their families and loved ones. We professionally and efficiently manage the litigation process for you – so that you can focus on your recovery.

Our relationship with you is built on trust.  Our decades of experience in handling complex litigation cases gives us a first-hand appreciation of the challenges you face when you or a loved one have been injured as the result of someone else’s negligence.

Chris Roy, Jr., not an associate or an attorney you’ve never met, will be personally involved in your case. Talk with Chris Now, for Free. (318) 487-9537

How Can We Help You With Your Personal Injury

Personal injury attorney Alexandria, LA

Why We Don’t Advertise on TV

Our firm is large enough to handle any type of case; however, we are small enough to provide individual attention to your claim. We do not advertise on television, so we don’t have to settle your case for pennies on the dollar. We work each case as if we were the client to make sure that our clients’ lives are intact upon completion of their case.


Personal Injury Claims

I realize that when there has been a serious injury to you, there are a lot of unanswered questions. My firm provides hands on service to you to answer all questions and help deal with all problems whether from a medical standpoint or a financial standpoint. We want to protect your rights, simplify the legal process, and secure for you the maximum compensation possible under the law.

Vehicle Accidents

Life is chock full of surprises. We go about our lives, in and out of routines, and then something happens that completely shakes us up. Sometimes, it’s a welcome stroke of good fortune that fills us with gratitude. Other times, it’s quite the opposite. Being involved in in car wreck is never something a person expects, and it can permanently affect the rest of your life.

Other Practice Areas

While we cannot guarantee that we can accept every case that is put before us, we do represent clients in a wide variety of personal injury, civil, and criminal litigation cases in Alexandria and its surrounding cities. When we do take a case, we are dedicated to our clients every step of the way – through the initial interviews, settlement negotiations, and, if needed, going to trial to persuade a jury. Big insurance companies or corporations do not intimidate us.
Third generation attorney serving Central Louisiana for 30 years. Let our experience help you.