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5 Most Common Injuries from a Rear-End Auto Accident

5 Most common injuries from a rear-end accident

Rear-end auto accidents often take victims by surprise, jarring them suddenly as they idle at a stop light or come to a dead stop in traffic. While many rear-end accidents we see in our Louisiana practice allow the victims to walk away with no injuries at all, there are several common injuries that can be very serious. We discuss the five most common injuries sustained in a rear-end car accident.

After squealing brakes and a crumpling impact, many rear-end vehicle crashes jerk a driver and passengers around harshly and turn a quiet car ride into a frightening mangle of twisted metal.  After the shock of initial impact, passengers in the vehicle may check themselves for blood, pain and obvious injuries.  However, even if initially unseen, some of the most common injuries from rear-end collisions can be serious, thereby requiring immediate and ongoing medical attention.

Read more about each type of injury below.

If you have been involved in a rear-end auto accident, it’s important to get the care and legal representation you’re entitled to under the law.  Don’t go it alone.  Please call Alexandria car accident attorney Chris Roy for a free consultation about your rights and an assessment of the accident you’ve suffered.

Just because you’re able to walk away from a rear-end auto accident, it doesn’t mean that you haven’t sustained internal injuries that can be serious or even life-threatening.  Sometimes these injuries diminish a person’s quality of life for decades.  If you’re involved in a rear-end crash in Central Louisiana, always go to a hospital or doctor to be checked out immediately after the accident.

Here are the 5 most common injuries sustained in a rear-end car accident:


TBI Attorney LouisianaWith head trauma, medical personnel will watch for symptoms of a concussion.  A concussion occurs in rear-end collisions when a person’s brain strikes the inside of the skull, causing bruising and tissue compression. Concussions don’t necessarily reveal themselves at the scene of the crash. In fact, physicians often recommend that family members watch head trauma victims for at least the 24 hours immediately following an accident for signs of confusion, loss of balance and nausea.

Symptoms also include headaches, blurred vision, dizziness, inability to concentrate, and sensitivity to sounds and light.  Without immediate medical attention, serious complications can ensue.

If you’ve been in a rear-end auto accident, contact attorney Chris Roy, who has years of experience representing auto injury clients.   Reach out to Chris at (318) 228-1465. Don’t allow a rear-end collision to result in permanent physical, mental or financial damage to your life.


Louisiana Soft tissue AttorneyFlexion/extension injuries to the soft tissue of the spine are common in rear-end accidents, usually because the body experiences a violent jolt.  Heavy trauma – caused by being jerked to and fro when your vehicle is rammed from behind – can damage nerves and limit the use of limbs.  Even at low speeds, the sudden snapping of your head forward and back can cause inflammation and mobility damage.

Symptoms of these injuries include pain between the shoulder blades, neck pain, headaches, dizziness, and even vision impairment. Because of the adrenaline rushing through your body immediately following a rear-end accident, you may not experience symptoms right away.  Some victims don’t realize they have been wounded for weeks following a rear-end accident.   When symptoms emerge, contact a doctor immediately.

If you were seriously injured in a rear-end accident, we can help. Contact us and find out if you have a case.


Louisiana Spinal Injury LawyerHerniation occurs when the outer fiber surrounding a disc tears or ruptures due to trauma. A patient can experience a herniated disc in the cervical or thoracic region, but spinal disc herniations most often happen in the lumbar region.  Serious herniations caused by rear-end collisions can result in severe back pain, numbness, tingling, and, in rare cases, paralysis.  Sometimes symptoms are misidentified or delayed because of shock, so it’s important to pay ongoing attention to your body after the collision.  Rear-end crash victims with herniated spines can even experience pain in their legs, feet or knees.


Louisiana TBI LawyerWhile neck and back injuries are frequent, additional concerns after a rear-end collision include brain injuries.  When not wearing a seatbelt, a driver or passenger can be thrown violently into the steering wheel, dashboard or windshield and sustain a skull fracture. While traumatic brain injury may not be as common as spinal injuries in rear-end collisions, they can be extremely severe when they do occur, with victims risking permanent damage and even death.

Cerebral swelling can create pressure on the brain leading to strokes, seizures and permanent brain damage.  If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, see a doctor immediately.  It is important to realize that untreated cerebral swelling can be fatal. Medical treatment can be prolonged and costly, and that’s why legal representation is imperative.  Attorney Chris Roy can leverage his years of legal experience on your behalf when seeking financial compensation for your injury and suffering.


Louisiana Injury AttorneyMany people think a broken leg or arm will always heal. They think it can simply be set in a plaster cast, and after several weeks all will be well.  Not necessarily so!  Sometimes broken bones and compound fractures can be extremely severe in a rear-end collision, leading to prolonged medical complications like secondary infections and internal injuries to organs.  Incorrectly fused bones can cause lifelong limb deformity. Even if a bone heals correctly, the patient may continue to experience decreased functionality resulting in lost wages and diminished future employment.

Because rear-end collisions are sudden, unexpected and violent, the days immediately following a crash can be disorienting and confusing.  It’s important that you are not alone during this time.  It’s also critical that you understand all your options for treatment and financial compensation.  Let Alexandria, Louisiana personal injury attorney Chris Roy be your advocate and fight for the legal rights that you deserve.  For a free consultation on your Louisiana car accident, contact Chris at 318-487-9537.



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