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Drew Brees’ hand injury and why it matters even to non-football fans


As a personal injury attorney in Alexandria, LA that deals with lots of car accidents, the hand injury Drew Brees sustained during the Saints game yesterday reminded me how a simple hand injury can severely affect a person’s career. It certainly brought back memories of a few cases I have handled in my thirty years practicing law. Hand injuries can range from uncomplicated to significant and I hope that Drew Brees’ recovery will be speedy.

What insurance companies and even the general public often try to downplay are the long term consequences of seemingly ‘small’ injuries. If you are Drew Brees, or an electrician or plumber, or anyone really that relies on fine motor skills in their daily job, and you injure your hand even temporarily – you will miss work. Possibly for weeks or months. If this injury happened in a car accident in Alexandria, LA due to the fault of another person, would it be fair for you to have to suffer the consequences, or should the person at fault, and their insurance company, have to be obligated to make you whole?

Hand injuries, along with injuries in the shoulder, spinal cord, are often seen in car accidents – sometimes in the form of breaks or hairline cracks in joints or bones, often in the form of soft tissue injuries. Whether you’re an NFL player or an industrial worker or someone working at a desk relying on your hand to operate a computer, you might need to see specialists, need surgeries, go to physical therapy, and in the process incur significant medical bills all while missing work.

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Statistics tell us that as many as 40% of Americans are one paycheck away from poverty. You’re making ends meet and doing ok, but if you missed one check or more, you would suddenly be faced with hard choices, perhaps between utilities and food. Getting seriously injured doesn’t always mean blood and gore at the scene of the accident. What makes an injury serious is the impact it has on your life, in the short and the long term. If you are unable to go back to the job you had, maybe even for good, you may miss hundreds of thousands of dollars of income over your lifetime and if this occurs due to the fault of another person, you would do best to call an experienced Personal injury attorney Alexandria to weigh all your options and help you through the process.

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