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Motorcycle Recalls & How Defects Cause Accidents


As a motorcycle owner, you understand that there are a few risks when you ride. However, if you take proper precautions, you should be able to feel safe when you climb on for a ride, right? Unfortunately, defects occur in these vehicles, just like cars. But, unlike cars, recalls are not always timely or easy to discover.
Defective bikes or motorcycle parts may be caused by poor design, improper assembly, negligence on the part of the manufacturer, and issues due to faulty maintenance or lack thereof. Sometimes, these problems are reported in recalls, which can be tricky to find—for those who are not knowledgeable. One of the best resources for finding current recalls is to visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) website. You can search for your vehicle by make, model, and year to find out if there are any recalls. While this is a useful resource, the site doesn’t always have the latest information on all vehicles. Check also with your manufacturer for the most current information.
Defects and problems with a bike can be extremely dangerous. A one seemingly small problem can make a motorcycle hard to control and potentially lead to a crash—causing injury to you and damage to your bike. What kind of problems can be caused by recalled defects? Consider the following examples:

Brake Failure If brakes are not adequately built, installed, or chosen for the bike, there can be problems with braking efficiency. Stopping your bike quickly can be quite important on everyday drives—an increase in stopping distance could prove a significant issue.

Engine Issues What would happen if your engine suddenly stalled while you are riding? Even on an open stretch of road, this could cause you to lose control, but imagine what would happen if you experienced stalling during heavy traffic?

Fuel Tank Explosions One of the scariest concerns for a bike rider is a fuel tank malfunction. If there was an ignition near a fuel tank leak, you could experience a major explosion. Anyone nearby when an explosion occurs could be in danger and could suffer serious injuries.

Handlebar Clamps Problems with your handlebar could lead to loss of control. Handlebar breakage is a common recall, and can often be easily fixed. However, you need to know about the problem before it becomes an issue for you.

Defective Tires Defective tires are a leading cause of motorcycle accidents. A blowout could have tragic consequences, causing you to lose control, hit another vehicle, or fall while driving.

While no one wants to be involved in a bike accident, there are product liability laws designed to protect riders who are injured by a defective bike or its parts. It is vital that you understand how these laws work and what you can do if you are affected. Louisiana residents can always reach out to our office with questions or concerns. We would be happy to hear more about your problem and help you decide the best way to proceed.

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If you are involved in an accident, you do not want to delay it. Reaching out to a lawyer right away can be the difference between getting help and losing your chance to collect. Central Louisiana motorcycle crash lawyer Chris J. Roy, Jr. will work hard to handle the complicated details of your product liability or personal injury claim so that you get the best recovery possible. A trusted advocate, Chris has handled numerous motorcycle-related crash claims and takes pride in helping accident victims in Alexandria and throughout Louisiana. Contact Chris J. Roy, Jr. Law Firm today for a free initial consultation by calling 1-318-487-9537 or filling out a case evaluation form.

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