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Car Accident Checklist



Nobody wants to think about traffic accidents, but they are so common that it is important to know what to do after one occurs. So, in order to prepare for the possibility that you might be in a wreck one day, we have compiled a checklist for all car crashes, from small bumps to more serious collisions.

  1. Check the safety of yourself and your passengers if you have any with you.
  2. Get out of traffic if you can, and pull to the side of the road. Have your flashers on to alert cars still on the road.
  3. Call the police to file a report and an ambulance if there’s any doubt about your well-being. Police reports help to prove fault, and most of the time, it’s better to say you don’t know you’re okay instead of immediately claiming that you are fine. Injuries appear hours after an accident.
  4. Get as much information as you can. From the vehicle’s make and model to contact information of everyone involved in the collision, any information can greatly affect an insurance claim.
  5. Safely take pictures of the accident. This will give you more sustaining information you can keep for your records.
  6. Do not sign any documents or concede fault. This is the responsibility of insurers and attorneys.
  7. Talk to your attorney. Before filing an insurance claim, legal advice can greatly help mitigate financial stress while dealing with an accident.
  8. File your insurance report. You can add details later after less adrenaline is coursing through you. You can do it online, you can use your insurer’s app on your phone, or you can call your insurance company.

We all hope that automobile accidents never occur, but statistics show that they are more common than we like to think, and preparation is very important during times of stress such as dealing with a collision. Thus, keep this checklist in your mind as you continue to drive safely.

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