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How Much Is My Auto Accident Settlement Worth in Louisiana?

This is one of the most frequent questions that we hear.  The short answer is every car accident claim is completely different, but here are some examples from our practice in the Central Louisiana area.  The first thing to remember is it helps to understand how the value of an auto accident claim is calculated.  “Value” in this sense means the total dollar value you’re likely to receive.  Let’s look at the different methods that lawyers and insurance companies use to come up with a dollar figure.

How is the value of my car accident settlement calculated in Louisiana?

As a general rule, auto accident injuries that “appear” to be more serious will be given more, because juries tend to react more to these kinds of injuries.  Even if the case never goes to trial in a Louisiana court, both sides consider how a jury would react because in the event that a settlement can not be negotiated it will fall upon the jury to make the decision.  Which means that your auto accident injury could get a higher value settlement if it:

  • Is visible and “looks” to be  a serious injury
  • Required medical procedures that are complicated or invasive
  • Did not respond well to initial medical treatments and took longer to heal
  • You are left with permanent pain, disability or limited ability

Beyond that, both sides will differ in how they estimate the actual dollar value of your injury.  Both will look at your real medical costs plus “pain and suffering,”.  Your attorney and the auto insurance company will use different methods to calculate a final value.

Your lawyer will calculate the cost of your injury based on a number of different variables.  Primarily, How the accident has affected your life,  this can involve a number of factors, such as how has the injury interfered with your normal day to day life, how much pain you experience while doing everyday tasks, how does the pain affect your ability to work and whether there is any emotional distress that goes along with your injury.

The insurance company, on the other hand, will calculate the value of your settlement based on an algorithm.  They will enter in the type of injury you have, and various factors relating to it, and let a computer give a number based on other similar cases.

It’s no surprise that the insurance company’s valuation of your auto accident is often far lower than your lawyer’s number.  This is why negotiation makes such a big difference in a car accident claim, and why having an experienced lawyer like Chris Roy Jr. to represent you makes such a big difference in how much you ultimately win.

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