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Truck Accident Lawyers Alexandria Louisiana


Most people, when asked, recognize the importance of stopping at an intersection until traffic is clear. Stopping at stop signs is the simplest of all driving rules, drilled into the heads of drivers from their very first lessons. Unfortunately, not all vehicles follow this rule. Commercial trucks carrying heavy cargo may not be driving at a safe speed and may not see road signs until it is too late to stop. Unlike with passenger vehicles, many instances where commercial trucks are involved in accidents are not caused by intoxication, speeding through traffic, or employing their cellular device to make a phone call or send a text message. Simply failing to exercise ordinary care can cause accidents which devastate an entire community.

In April 2018, a commercial truck driver in Saskatchewan, Canada simply did not stop when it was supposed to, causing the truck to crash into a bus carrying a junior hockey team. Sixteen passengers on that bus were killed and many others were injured. Ultimately, the truck driver was sentenced to eight years in prison for dangerous operation of a motor vehicle that caused death or bodily harm. The truck driver was not a malicious man and had no intention of hurting anyone, yet his actions caused an entire community to suffer. Chris J. Roy, Jr. APLC Louisiana residents trust recognize how serious inattention can be when the operation of commercial trucks is involved.


The driver’s lack of attention was no excuse for the survivors of the crash and the families of those killed. This was an example of a worst-case scenario for commercial truck accidents, but a less severe accident is still very serious, and they occur much more frequently. The speed at which these vehicles are operated, especially on the interstate, make crashes much more dangerous than ordinary car crashes. Most of the time they are not caused by intent, but often by not simply seeing the cars around them or the cautionary signs that are posted.

It was likely that the driver in the hockey club bus crash was not even aware that the bus was on a straight-line collision with the commercial truck. However, the lack of intent to cause death or bodily harm does not excuse the driver from the legal liability that is brought against them in a legal suit.

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This type of accident could occur anywhere that commercial trucks are present. If you or someone that you know has been in a commercial truck accident, you have the right to seek medical treatment and legal representation immediately. Do not allow insurance companies to settle the claims without you speaking to the law offices of Chris J. Roy, Jr. APLC Jr. The insurance company will attempt their best to twist the account of the story for their benefit. You deserve to have a legal team that will afford you the opportunity to fight back against the insurance company and the defendant in a commercial truck accident.

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