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Car Accident Lawyer in Alexandria

For answers to your questions or to set up a free case evaluation, contact our car accident lawyer in Alexandria online or call 1-318-228-1465. You pay nothing out of pocket until your case is successfully completed.

With over thirty years of experience, Attorney Chris Roy, Jr. has the knowledge and experience to investigate the situation and craft a case to secure maximum compensation. He takes pride in helping accident victims in the Alexandria area and throughout central Louisiana. While large enough to handle the big cases, the firm is small enough to provide you with the individual attention that your case deserves.

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Help Starts with a Skilled Car Accident Attorney in Alexandria

Few places are more beautiful to drive in, but it’s also true that few states are as dangerous as Louisiana.

With its winding roads and beautiful bayous come hazards – from old, pot-holed, unlit two-lane roads and animals running across the road, to traffic on the highways around Baton Rouge and New Orleans during rush hour.

For most of us, driving is so routine we scarcely think about it. But life is full of surprises. We go about our daily lives, following our routines and then something out of the ordinary happens that shakes us up. Sometimes, it’s a welcome stroke of good fortune that fills us with gratitude. Other times, it’s quite the opposite. Being involved in in car wreck is never something a person expects, and it can permanently affect the rest of your life. When you suffer from severe injuries your medical bills can grow quickly. Having a skilled car accident attorney in Alexandria at your side can be the difference between getting compensation you deserve and getting what an insurer prefers to pay.

Protecting Yourself Is a Right

Your insurance company can only get you so far. Sure, they work on your behalf, but there’s also the negligent party’s insurance company to consider – and their agenda is to settle things quickly and cheaply. You also may be tempted to settle things swiftly, but the other party’s insurance representative is trained to get information out of you that can work against you. Do not deal with insurance companies on your own. Finding a good car accident attorney in Alexandria is your best chance for a fair outcome.

Proof of the other driver’s negligence is also a reason for consulting an auto wreck lawyer.

Negligence is a broad term that covers a range of common accident causes. Reckless behavior in the form of distracted driving is increasingly common as more and more people use electronics to communicate and navigate while behind the wheel. A driver can also be distracted by eating a meal on the go, having a heated conversation with a passenger, or searching for something in the glove box. Maybe the driver was overtired, impaired by drugs or alcohol, or simply driving too aggressively for the weather conditions. A defectively designed or manufactured car part could even have caused the accident.

Establishing who is legally responsible for a wreck is a complex process that can involve multiple parties. Seeking financial compensation is one way to not only get you the money you need to help yourself and your family, but it can also ultimately help prevent a similar accident from happening to someone else.

After a Car Crash

1. The first thing to do after a car collision is to check in with yourself about potential injuries. Safety should always be the first priority. If the accident seems mild to moderate, chances are you’ll think you feel okay enough to get on with your day and avoid the “inconvenience” of medical treatment. A few aches, some minor pains, or even no pain at all are common initial feelings, and too often people assume they aren’t injured.

3. Shock is a human defense mechanism that can numb many types of pain. Therefore, it’s always best to seek medical care right away. Delaying treatment is neither good for your health nor for your chances of getting the legal settlement you may deserve. The longer a person waits to seek medical treatment, the harder it is to prove the injuries were sustained at the time of the accident.

3. If it turns out you’re injured, you may be facing a series of financial hardships such as medical bills, lost wages from missed days/weeks of work and future lost income if you’re unable to continue your job.


After being in an accident you should get medical attention. How urgently you should get medical help depends on the extent of your injuries. If you’re seriously injured, you should be transported from the scene to the nearest hospital so you can be diagnosed and treated. If you’re injured, but you’re not sure of the extent, an ambulance would also be a good idea. You may be in shock, unable to feel the pain from injuries, and it may not be safe for you to drive.

Speed is of the essence after a car accident, for medical and legal reasons. You can be diagnosed with whatever injuries you suffered and treatment can start, speeding up your recovery. The longer you wait for medical attention, the more likely the insurance company will claim that the injuries you suffered weren’t caused by the accident. They may claim that the injuries happened after the accident, in some other location.

In a Car Accident?

Read through the below pages for advice on what you should do immediately after a car accident. As well as information to follow in the months after an accident.

Other publications and resources:

What the Numbers Say about Car Accidents in Louisiana

No one ever thinks an accident can happen to them, but the statistics say otherwise. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), with a total of 6.3 million accidents nationwide, accident fatalities increased 7.2 percent between 2014 and 2015, from 32,744 to 35,092. The NHTSA also reports 2.44 million people injured in accidents nationally. This isn’t simply a national but also a local problem. The NHTSA reports a total of 726 traffic fatalities in 2015, with 354 in rural areas, 365 in urban areas and seven unknown. Statistics compiled from Louisiana State University (LSU) report 78,700 auto-accident injuries in 2015. According to their projections, in 2017 Louisiana can expect 772 fatalities and 81,000 total injuries.

Laws Related to Car Accidents

There are Louisiana statutes covering the safe operation of vehicles and criminal laws that may be applied in cases of an accident depending on the cause, as well as common law created by judges over the years as they make decisions in cases involving vehicle accidents and insurance laws.

Third generation attorney serving Central Louisiana for over 30 years. Let our experience help you.

Laws governing auto accidents are complex. Working with an attorney who can guide you through the steps to take after an accident will help you get the compensation you deserve.

Causes of Auto Accidents

Most accidents are caused by driver errors. Drivers are distracted, fatigued, intoxicated, speeding, weaving between lanes, running red lights or stop signs, traveling too fast for conditions or tailgating. Rain or water-covered roads may contribute to an accident, but the actual cause would be the person who drove too fast under the conditions, or who drove a vehicle with tires too worn to maintain traction. Visibility may be bad because of heavy rain, fog or darkness, but ultimately, it’s the driver who’s driving too fast or in a vehicle without proper lights who is responsible for the accident.

To have a successful legal claim in a car accident case, you would have to prove the other driver was negligent. He or she did something, or failed to do something, a reasonable driver in the situation would have done, or avoided doing, causing the accident and your injuries. It’s not enough to show that the other driver made a mistake — you need to show it’s a mistake a reasonable driver would not have made. Rather than take on an insurance company yourself, work with an auto accident lawyer to be sure you have a strong claim.

Most Common Car Accidents

Each accident is different, but most may be place in just a few categories.

Broadside collisions
Broadside collisions, or T-bones, occur when one car runs into the side of another.

Head-on collisions
Head-on collisions occur when two cars driving toward each other collide.

Roll-over accidents
Roll-over accidents generally occur when a vehicle is moving too fast for a turn and flips.

Rear-end collisions
These occur when a vehicle is decelerating or stopped and another vehicle slams into the back of the first one.

Single-car crash
Single-car crashes can have many causes. Often the driver is distracted, fatigued or intoxicated and makes a mistake, causing the accident. There may be a problem with the vehicle or the driver tried to avoid another vehicle, a pedestrian or animal in the road, triggering the accident.

Common Injuries from Car Crashes

While the details of each accident may differ, they often result in these common injuries:

Debilitating depression and anxiety
While psychological injuries may not be visible, they can be some of the most lasting. A severe enough accident may cause PTSD and affect every aspect of a person’s life.

Neck and spinal cord injury, and whiplash
Neck and spinal cord injuries may affect physical movement in all parts of the body, as messages from the brain are transferred along these lines.

Head and brain injury
Head and brain injuries are among the most deadly. If the brain is injured, everything from physical movement to memory may be impaired indefinitely.

Back injury
Back injuries may be among the most debilitating and painful of all injuries. As the back supports the body’s frame when standing, a severe injury can seriously limit mobility.

Broken bones and fractures – While uncomfortable, these injuries generally are not life threatening. However, they may cause severe discomfort and affect movement in the fractured area for an unlimited amount of time.

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