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Louisiana Rollover Car Crash Attorney

Despite all the road rules and safety regulations on modern vehicles, it’s a fact of life that accidents happen. Whether it’s because of aggressive drivers, bad road conditions, high speeds or a variety of other issues, it’s a fact of life that collisions happen. But while all accidents are dangerous, some have proven to be more dangerous than others. Among them are rollover accidents – usually caused by a collision or a blowout — when a vehicle’s tires lose connection with the roadway and it is upended.

Let the Chris J. Roy Law Firm Help

If you or a loved one has been hurt or injured in a rollover accident, let the Chris J. Roy Law Firm help. With nearly three decades of experience, practicing from offices in Alexandria, La., Chris has the knowledge and experience needed to evaluate your claims and pursue your case to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve. For nearly three decades Chris J. Roy takes pride in helping personal injury victims in Alexandria, Pineville, Rapides Parish, Grant Parish, and throughout Central Louisiana. While large enough to handle the big cases, the firm is small enough to provide the individual attention that your case deserves. If you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment, contact us online or call 1-318-487-9537. You pay nothing out of pocket until your case is successfully completed.

Rollover Factors

Because of the excessive force necessary to cause a vehicle to roll, studies have been conducted to identify several of the causative factors. The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) has determined several, including:

  • Type of Vehicle: A rollover accident may occur to a vehicle of any type, but some are more likely to roll over, primarily those that are taller, narrower and with a higher center of gravity..
  • Speed: Excessive speed can create and worsen any accident. This is especially true in rollovers, as the NHTSA reports 40 percent of fatal rollover accidents occurred from excessive speed, and 75 percent took place in areas where the speed limit was more than 55 mph,
  • Alcohol: Alcohol slows reaction time and often distorts senses, so it comes as no surprise that more than half of rollover accidents involve alcohol.
  • Area: Rollovers are more likely to occur in areas without lane dividers or guardrails. These safety measures act to arrest a vehicle’s motion, and without them the extra space allows a vehicle’s motion to continue. As a result, roughly 75 percent of vehicle rollover accidents occur in rural areas.
  • Single Vehicle Crashes: Most rollover accidents, an estimated 85 percent, are single-vehicle accidents. This suggest that these crashes are a result of driver behavior.

Rollover Statistics

Infrequent: Rollover accidents are listed among the most dangerous for fatalities, accounting for one-third of all traffic deaths. Fortunately, less than one percent of all accidents are rollovers.

Types: Trucks and SUVs are far more likely to roll over than other vehicles. In 2015, 48 percent of SUV occupants killed in crashes were in vehicles that rolled over. In comparison, 43 percent of deaths in pickups and 23 percent of deaths in cars were in rollover accidents.

New: Among other safety features, Electronic Stability Control (ESC) helps prevent vehicles from skidding to the side and thus helps prevent rollover accidents. As of 2012, all vehicles are equipped with ESC.

Seat Belts: The most effective means of surviving a rollover crash is by wearing a seat belt.

Stronger Roofs: In recent years, regulations and practices increasing the strength of vehicle roofs have contributed significantly to reducing deaths in rollover accidents. In older model vehicles, the roof is more likely to collapse, allowing the occupant to suffer significant injury or harm. Combined with the use of seat belts, though, a reinforced roof keeps a hard shell intact around the driver and passengers.

Balance the Load: While this is especially true for large trucks, balancing the load is also important for smaller vehicles carrying heavier loads. One of the causes of rollover accidents is a sudden displacement of weight that changes the trajectory of the vehicle; such movement may be caused by a curve, pothole or other disruption. By making sure the load is secure, doesn’t shift and the weight is evenly displaced, the likelihood of a rollover accident is lessened.

For nearly 30 years, The Chris J. Roy, Jr. Law Firm has practiced from offices in Alexandria, Louisiana. They have the resources to handle the large cases but the integrity to treat clients like the individuals they are.  The Chris J. Roy, Jr. Law Firm has the knowledge and experience to help you with all your personal injury needs. If you have any questions or would like to set up a consultation, contact us online or call us at 318.487.9537.

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