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Alexandria Criminal Record Expungement Lawyer

Louisiana Expungement AttorneyCriminal charges, arrests and/or convictions can have serious effects on a person’s professional and private life, and Louisiana expungement lawyers are the proactive way to remove some felony convictions, misdemeanor convictions, and arrests from a person’s record. Many employers, landlords, and universities conduct routine background checks, and criminal convictions and arrests can affect a person’s ability to land a good job. Chris J. Roy, Jr. can help you with these issues through a process called expungement. Chris J. Roy, Jr. has successfully represented numerous persons to have criminal convictions or arrests, in certain circumstances, removed from a person’s record. However, not all convictions can be expunged. Chris J. Roy, Jr. has the experience and knowledge to properly advise you as to whether you are eligible for an expungement.

The process of expungement, in many instances, allows someone to assert that they have not been convicted of a crime, and it removes evidence of an arrest and/or conviction from the public record.

Types of Case Available for Expungement:

  • Some Felonies
  • Misdemeanors
  • Arrests Without Conviction

Move Forward with an Experienced Expungement Attorney

Louisiana Expungement AttorneyCriminal charges can impact a person’s life in all areas, but especially in trying to land a job where many employers look at a person’s past to determine whether there have been any arrests or convictions on the person’s record. Expungement is the process of removing criminal convictions and/or arrests from a person’s record so that background checks by employers do not show these convictions. Remember, some convictions can never be expunged, such as criminal convictions involving acts of violence as described under Louisiana Revised Statute of 14:2(B).

Many misdemeanor convictions, arrests and some felony convictions can be expunged.
Chris J. Roy, Jr. can properly advise you as to whether your record can be cleared.

Over the last several years, the expungement process has become much more involved and tedious based on legislative changes in our law. Expungements require an experienced attorney to guide you through this process. Recently, a change in expungement law may allow a person who was convicted of a nonviolent felony to be allowed to possess a firearm in Louisiana after the necessary delays have run. Again, this is a complicated issue; however, Chris is able to properly advise you as to whether you would be eligible to obtain a firearm under certain circumstances.

Experienced Criminal/Expungement Lawyer

Louisiana Injury LawyerChris J. Roy, Jr. has practiced in the local, state, and federal courts dealing with criminal matters for 29 years. He can provide you with the right advice and guidance to represent you in a criminal case and to make sure you are protected if you have to plead guilty to a crime so that this conviction does not hurt you later in life by remaining on your record. Criminal laws are complex, and convictions can have consequences for the rest of your life unless you hire an experienced criminal lawyer such as Chris J. Roy, Jr. to represent you. He will fight for your rights and ensure that the consequences of a criminal action do not affect you forever.

Call Chris J. Roy, Jr. today if you have any questions involving a criminal case and/or your right to have a past arrest or conviction expunged.