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Louisiana Personal Injury Lawyers Representing Auto Accident Clients in Leesville

Leesville, Louisiana residents in need of personal injury legal assistance should contact Chris J. Roy, Jr. APLC. At our firm we offer personal attention to every case we take on. We help eliminate the stress caused by any legal problem you have incurred. It is the mission of our firm to get all of our clients the compensation packages they deserve for suffering a personal injury or to get their criminal records expunged.

Personal injury is the primary practice area that we focus on, but there are several facets of personal injury law. We handle auto accidents, expungement, medical malpractice and wrongful death. If you have been involved in a truck accident or need to consult with an attorney concerning maritime law or nursing home abuse, the legal advice and action that you receive from Chris J. Roy, Jr. APLC rivals none. We are make sure that you understand the legal process from the beginning of your case until you receive your final compensation package.

Auto Accidents in Leesville, Louisiana

Unfortunately, auto accidents occur every day. Chris J. Roy, Jr. APLC will help you get compensation for all of your medical bills, auto repairs and expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, and possibly future financial hardships that accompany this interruption in your life. We are a caring and compassionate law firm that will work hard to eliminate all the legal issues surrounding your auto accident. At a time when you are most vulnerable, you will want a caring and aggressive law firm to deal with issues like insurance claims and processing your claims.

Expungement Cases

Have you been convicted of a crime and ever tried applying for a job or apartment? Or maybe it was time to enroll as a student in college and apply for financial aid and a criminal record prohibited you from succeeding. Well today many employers, financial institutions and rental companies are requiring background checks as a part of the application process. These are the times that having your record expunged would come in handy.

Chris J. Roy, Jr. APLC can help you get your criminal record expunged. Many courts know that people make mistakes in their lives and deserve a second chance to get on with their future.  The courts are granting expungement for people who have picked up the pieces and need a fresh start. At our firm, we know that you have paid for your past crimes enough and we will help you get your criminal record expunged.

Medical Malpractice in Leesville, Louisiana

When you go to the doctor, dentist or hospital you trust and expect that you will receive quality care from people trained in the medical profession. Unfortunately, that sometimes doesn’t happen and you need legal assistance to help with your case. Chris J. Roy, Jr. APLC is available to intervene for you in the case of medical malpractice. Medical malpractice cases consist of any neglect in procedures, diagnosis or neglect that may cause harm to a patient. Our professional law firm will dedicate time and effort to see that all issues are resolved and you are sufficiently compensated for your medical malpractice case.

Wrongful Death Cases

Losing a loved one is always difficult, but when that person in gone because of the negligence of another person it’s unbearable. At our law firm, we will assist you and your family with the issues of lost wages, reimbursement for unexpected financial burden both present and future, and any medical bills. Our legal team will aggressively seek the truth surrounding your loved one’s wrongful death and will get you the compensation you need to move forward.

Finding the Right Personal Injury Lawyer in Leesville, Louisiana

Don’t let creditors, insurance companies or hospitals bog you down during an already stressful time. If you live in the Leesville area, Chris J. Roy, Jr. APLC will serve you with compassionate legal counsel for all your personal injury issues. At our firm, we promise to handle your case professionally and with great care. We want you to get the compensation package you deserve.

Call Chris J. Roy, Jr. APLC at 318-387-9537 to discuss your personal injury, auto accident, medical malpractice, wrongful death or expungement case with an experienced lawyer.

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